Why a Motorbike is a Useful Piece of Equipment for Farmers

When you think of farmers, you picture them driving tractors and ploughs, but may not realise that one piece of equipment that’s very useful is a motorbike. Those who are working on vast lands, often in tough conditions, may not be able to get through the terrain in a normal car or SUV, so a motorbike makes sense, and if you’re working in agriculture, here’s why you should get one too.

Jobs your motorbike can do

Motorbikes can do a whole load of jobs around the farm, including:

  • Accessing remote areas – with the right bike, you can go off-road and get to areas you can’t access by car
  • Following animals and tracking their movements
  • Attaching small tools such as rakes or planters

While you may feel strange riding around the farm on two wheels rather than four, but you soon get used it and it can be much more freeing if you’re used to driving bulky machinery.

Motorbikes should be driven safely

One thing you have to take into account when using a motorbike on a farm is safety. Most countries require a motorbike licence, which means learning to manoeuvre the bike properly, stop safely and more. You should also make sure you’re confident on a bike before you use it. There’s no point going out if you are a nervous rider, so practice on simple roads first.

Motorbikes are smaller and lighter than ATVs

ATVs are often the choice for farmers in areas like Australia, but there’s something to be said for motorbikes, as they’re smaller, lighter and easier to get around on certain terrain. If you like riding anyway, they can be a great excuse to practice and zip around in two wheels, both at work and in your spare time.

Choose a motorbike made for farms

If you do decide to get a motorbike for your farm, it’s important to find one that’s made for this kind of work. For example, the 2020 AG125 is made for agricultural environments, dealing with mud and dust and able to take on tough jobs, so it’s much more suitable than any run of the mill motorbike.

Motorbikes can be hugely useful on a farm for many reasons. If you decide to buy one, you should look for a suitable model and find some jobs on your farm for which it can be used, so you get your money’s worth and get a handy new tool.

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