A Crane for Every Use – A World of Heavy Lifting Options

The crane is a versatile and useful tool when working in construction. A crane is a heavy- duty machine that lifts and lowers heavy materials using cables and pulleys. They are commonly used when working with substantial loads, equipment manufacturing, or building.

Cranes may vary in size and properties, but they all have similar parts, such as:

  • Boom
  • Counterweights
  • Jib and luffing jib
  • Wire cables
  • Sheaves

 There are many different types of cranes, depending on what your project entails.

Mobile Crane
This is the most basic type of crane used, with the boom attached to a mobile platform. The boom, the “arm” that is the most noticeable feature on all cranes, has a hinge near the bottom and can be lifted or lowered using cables, pulleys, or even hydraulic features.

These are amongst the most common cranes. Those in Perth can find a crane for hire in Welshpool easily, as there are several quality options available. Some companies in the area provide around the clock service for any last minute or emergency needs.

Vehicle Mounted Crane

As the name implies, this type of crane is mounted on a vehicle, usually a truck—indeed, they also are known as truck mounted cranes. They are typically easier to move around and are useful for keeping heavy loads steady and secure. These are often used in electric line maintenance, carrying heavy materials, or basic construction.

Tower Crane

These types of cranes are commonly used for constructing high-rise buildings or towers. By planting it firmly into the ground, these cranes allow for a high lifting capacity while still providing a safe base. This type of crane is known as a fixed crane, which means it is mounted on-site. Beyond the use of tower construction, they are also particularly helpful with the loading or unloading of heavy items on boats.

Rough Terrain Crane

These cranes are used for off-road construction or work in a rougher terrain. Many cranes cannot handle this type of uneven ground and can become unstable. Rough terrain cranes are able to be mobile and travel around easier than some of their counterparts. It is especially useful for undeveloped construction sites. Rough terrain cranes are easily noticeable by their tires. The tires are large rubber tires that provide good traction and stability for lifting heavy objects.

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